E2-01Road Chainrings


Teeth: 53/39T (BCD:130mm)

          50/34T, 52/36T (BCD: 110mm)

Weight: 153g (50/34T)


Why UFOR Oval Chainring?

Pure Oval

Our oval chainring is a PURE oval shape, not a dual-oval or other shapes. Pure oval shape and the power delivery through a pedal stroke match perfectly, not only optimize the power output in peak power zone, but also minimize the loads on knee joints in weak power zone.

Ovality (ellipticity)
Other manufacturers offer one ovality setting for all chainring sizes, but actually pedaling behavior changes with each size considerably. To optimize for this, the ovality of every chainring size needs to be different slightly. We specialize in this and optimize every size to particular pedaling style. Furthermore, in order to optimize the shifting efficiency for 2x and 3x oval chainring, the ovality of the second or third chainring would be possible different from the one of the first chainring.

Optimized Pedaling
Oval Chainrings work well because riders do not produce power evenly through a pedal stroke, it maximizes the part of the stroke where power is produced and minimize resistance where it isn't. Actually, you will feel your pedal stroke to be more "round" with an oval chainring than with a round chainring.

When the crank positioned between 3 & 4 o'clock (peak power zone), it will take advantage of dynamic application and inertia of cycling during the down-stroke, while the power output reaches the maximum.

Take 53/39T ROAD oval chainring as an example as below. 53T oval ring has smallest diameter in weaker power zone (equivalent of 50.8T) and biggest in peak power zone (equivalent of 55.2T), that means you will go faster with an oval 53T chainring compared to the round one.

Protection for Cyclists' Knee
It is necessary to prevent abrupt changes of speed in the legs at the dead spot because it is desirable to maintain as uniform a rotational speed as possible in this region. In order to attain this, a smaller variation in the drive radius would be necessary throughout the cycle. Our oval chainrings have optimal ovality which permits reasonable variation between the maximum and minimum pedal speeds to facilitate height cadence pedaling without harming the knees.

Precise Orientation(timing) Setting
According to the most cyclists' experience, the optimum orientation is not fixed, as it depends on the different pedaling conditions, such as level terrain or climbing, pedaling seated of standing up, or the preference for pedaling at a faster or slower cadence. However, it doesn't make sense to have too many mounting points to choose as it is not possible for cyclists to adjust the mounting angle during the riding. Our oval chainrings have the most precisely mounting angle that is got from many tests, suitable for all kinds of riding conditions.