UG-101C (WAVE CORK)Ergonomic Lock-On Cork Grips

w/Aluminum Clamps

Length: 130mm/97mm

Weight: 175g/pair


UFOR's Cork Grips

Cork is a renewable material and a nature product which comes from the bark of the cork tree. The removal of the bark does not harm the trees and the bark is only harvested after the first 20 years of growth. The removal stimulates a steady regeneration of the bark. Each cork free provides an average 16 harvests over its 150-200 year lifespan.

Our Cork grips offer a different feel thanks to the use of natural cork, its comfortable feel and non-slip texture make it a very good choice for grips. It is definitely the best combination of comfort, performance and environmental protection.


The Patent

The most common concern with selling ergonomic grips is the patent problem. UFRO developed these grips with new structure, elements & concept and got the patent in USA, Germany, China and Taiwan.