E3-03MTB Chainrings


BCD: 104/64mm

Teeth: 42/33/24T

Weight: 148g

Close ratio ger combination - 42-33-24T -

makes shifting smoother and faster


Why UFOR Oval Chainring?


Pure Oval
Our oval chainring is a PURE oval shape, not a dual-oval or other shapes. Pure oval shape and the power delivery through a pedal stroke match perfectly, not only optimize the power output in peak power zone, but also minimize the loads on knee joints in weak power zone
Ovality (ellipticity)
Other manufacturers offer one ovality setting for all chainring sizes, but actually pedaling behavior changes with each size considerably. To optimize for this, the ovality of every chainring size needs to be different slightly. We specialize in this and optimize every size to particular pedaling style. Furthermore, in order to optimize the shifting efficiency for 2x and 3x oval chainring, the ovality of the second or third chainring would be possible different from the one of the first chainring.