UG-101 (WAVE)Ergonomic Lock-On Rubber Grips

w/Adjustable Aluminum Bar Ends

Length: 130mm/97mm

Weight: 171g/pair

UFOR'S Rubber Grips

Our grips are made of certified nontoxic and high hydrogenated rubber, with great weather and aging resistance. Less sticky, durable and recyclable make it a very good choice for grips.

Perfect ergonomic shape offers optimal pressure distribution, the pressure is relieved therefore any aches and tension can be reduced.

For UG-101, it features an aluminum clamp for fast and secure installation. Adjustment of the support platform is achieved by simply loosening the clamp bolt and positioning the grip to the desired position.


The Patent

The most common concern with selling ergonomic grips is the patent problem. UFRO developed these grips with new structure, elements & concept and got the patent in USA, Germany, China and Taiwan.